Monday, February 8, 2010

Why We Blog

Because we're young and in love and our children or dogs are so cute, and we have photos to prove it.

Because we’re young and bitter and alienated and frustrated and miserable, and blogging fills the void and channels the anger until our next trip to the tattoo parlor.

Because it's cold and raining this morning.

Because we're retired now, and our grandchildren or dogs are so cute, and we just returned from a short trip to Sedona in our new RV, and we have the photos to prove it.

Because we're college freshmen, and we love to fling around the F-word now that we’re free of our f@#&ing parents and f@#&ing public school administrators, and if you don't like it, F@#& you.

Because we believe The Juice of Rotted Fruit is the greatest f@#&ing band of all time, although in the pagan folk metal category, we lean toward Arkona.

Because we hate politics and politicians so much that we think and write about them incessantly, obsessively, which makes us hate them even more, and because people who disagree with our politics are fascists or dupes or pinheads who need to wake up while there's still time.

Because Tibet still isn’t free.

Because corporations rule the planet, and the Internet is where the World War III will be staged, and corn and meat are our enemies, and you need to understand how all this fits together and wake up while there's still time.

Because OU sucks, and we'd have won the national championship if Colt hadn't been injured, and man, we need to recruit another stud tailback, and even if we don't, we're going to kick your ass next year.

Because we spend our lives stacked together like firewood and yet know nothing about one another, and I've captured the sadness of it all in my latest poem, "Firewood," which I hope will be published in The Sun or the New Yorker.

Because it's cheaper than therapy.

Because the entire family plus Uncle Dick and Aunt Frances took a little trip down to Cabo San Lucas over the holidays, and it was SO beautiful and so relaxing and everyone got along GREAT, and we just had so SO much fun!

Because we're unique individuals who defy labels or tags, and to prove it we offer a string of adjectives such as “whimsical” and “intuitive” and "sensitive" to describe ourselves in the “about me” file.

Because it’s been a long time since we blogged last, and we’re sorry to have kept you waiting.

Because our God is the real God, and yours isn't.

Because Sarah Palin is still out there.

Because we can. Besides, why the hell not?