Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Making nice

Mary thinks my blog is too angry.
"You don't have anything nice to say about anyone."
"Sure I do," I protest, without offering much in the way of supporting evidence.
She's not buying it.
"Perhaps the Lexapro isn't kicking in," she says. "Either that or you need to double the dose."
I don't get many chances to prove her wrong, so I'm going to take my shot now.

Nice comments about a few of the people in my life:
• Mary is the smartest, wisest, kindest person I know, and I love her for it.
• I'm always happy around Sarah, even if I don't show it. She's the best thing that ever happened to me.
• I'm thrilled at what great parents Molly and Tom are.
• I want to be as young at heart as Jack Getman.
• I love traveling with Ben and Katie.
• I neither fish nor hunt, but I want to go fishing or hunting with my brothers one of these days.
• I can't imagine going through another UT football season without Cary White, and a Friday night isn't Friday night without a few glasses of wine with Cary and Sarah.
• I hope one day to write as well as Dick Holland.
• A person could never hope for a better friend than Tom Eberhart.
• Thanks Marlow McShan and Renea Hicks for pushing me.
• Can't wait to meet Tiff and David's child.
• I may hop off the journalism workshop carousel one of these days, but I'll teach at Michigan State for as long as they'll have me.
• I'm enjoying reconnecting with my cousin, Mike.
• What a hoot Oliver is. It was so much fun to have him here for those four months, and now that he's in Atlanta, I miss him terribly.
• Thanks, Mom. You know why.