Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Sporting Views

  • Elvis fans may disagree, but the popularity of World Cup soccer proves that 3 or 4 billion people can, in fact, be wrong.
  • Who cares which conference UT plays in, so long as we regularly whip the Sooners and the Aggies and play for a national championship every four or five years?
  • Did anyone realize that another pro hockey season just ended?
  • How is it possible for Gov. Rick — who blamed up the BP oil spell on God and claims he shot a coyote while jogging — to behave so intelligently during the Big XII/Pac 10 blind date?
  • I wouldn't want him dating my daughter, but damn, Kobe Bryant is good.
  • Don't you love it when Big Government-hating conservatives rush to their local elected officials when they fear they're about to be dispatched to the Mountain West Conference. Well played, Baylor.
  • Why are people shocked and disappointed to learn that every decision in sports involves money?
  • When was that not true?
  • Best line I've heard in a while: "That strange buzzing coming from the television isn't a vuvuzela horn. It's the sound of 40,000 people snoring."